Neuroplasticity: Steps to Hacking Your Mind and Personal Growth
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This Master Key to Personal Development

For many years, scientists and common folk alike believed that the brain was “fixed”.

We (collectively) believed that a person’s brain was like clay: when wet it could be molded and shaped into whatever object necessary, but after that – forget it.

Children were considered new opportunities to mold and shape into specific pieces.

People who had strokes, personality problems and all other sorts of neural defects were considered lost causes.

Just medicate them, there’s nothing more we can do.

Even today, many people think the elderly are a lost cause.

Due to the ever-changing field of neurobiology and neuroscience, we know that simply isn’t true.

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Cognitive Re-Framing: 5 Mental Paradigms to Drastically Improve Your Life
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Cognitive Re-Framing: 5 Mental Paradigms to Drastically Improve Your Life

If you’ve lived any sort of length on this planet we call home, you’ll realize that tons of people have differing opinions on things.

This is because “reality is negotiable”.


Meaning, most things in life are subjective, meaning they are up to the interpretation of the viewer.

This article is going to teach you how to re-frame your thoughts.

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5 Major Regrets In Life You Will Have If You Don't Take Action (Now)
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5 Major Regrets Many People Have When They’re Older (and How to Prevent Them)

I want to paint a picture for you.

Imagine living to a grand old age. Maybe 80, maybe 85. The thing is…you’re dying. You know it, everyone around you knows it.

As you lay back on the couch, look at the ceiling, and contemplate your existence – you think back over your life. Some great moments flood in, along with some not-so-great ones.

These not-so-great ones leave you with a bitter taste in your mouth.

You wonder what happened to that cutie you met in college.

You wonder what would have happened if you moved overseas when you had the chance.

You wonder what could have been.

You become obsessed with these thoughts.

A bleak sadness washes over you. Mainly because you know that what’s done is done and your time on this Earth is slowly coming to a close.

Millions of people have those thoughts and regrets in life on a daily basis…and they’re not even anywhere close to dying.

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Create Momentum in Business, Life, and Habits with 5 Actionable Tips
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Create Irresistible Momentum in Anything with 5 Actionable Tips

If you’ve ever tried to change your habits and change your life, you know how incredibly hard it is to start from ground zero.

Not only is it incredibly hard, but even if you do manage to do it, you will probably revert back to your old ways (sorry to say).

So what’s the solution? We just sit and dwell in mediocrity for the rest of our days?

Not exactly.

What if I told you that there’s a simple tactic that’s self-reinforcing and will help you enact behavioral change?

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Shadow Work: How to Rapidly Unlock Your Unconscious Mind
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Shadow Work: How to Rapidly Transcend to Your Greatest Self

We live in a world of duality.

Here and there. Hot and cold. Yin and yang. Light and dark. All opposites.

Because of this duality, there are two sides to everything, with a spectrum in between.

One of the most important types of duality in our world has to do with personality. Namely, our shadow selves.

You may consider yourself a “good person”. After you read this article, you may want to give more serious thought to that.

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Why We Fall: 10 Reasons Why You Will Fail In 2018
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Why We Fall: 10 Reasons Why You Will Fail Personal Development In 2018

If you’re reading this, then you’ve got New Year goals and a desire for personal development.

This is the year when you read those books.

This is the year when you get in shape and hit the gym religiously.

This is the year when you start that business.

This is the year when you donate to charity.

This is just the year to shine, period.

Or so you think. Chances are this year will be just like the last one (with a few alterations).

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Conquer Social Anxiety
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Conquer Social Anxiety with These 5 Powerful Methods

If you struggle with social anxiety or anxiety in general, you should know one thing:

You’re definitely not alone.

Social anxiety is extremely common. 15 million adults in America have social anxiety, and those are the ones that report it. Social anxiety in men is even more under-reported, because of stigma surrounding mental health issues (and the need to remain macho).

The socially anxious introvert is what we typically bring to mind when the words “social anxiety” are mentioned. But it doesn’t just affect introverts.

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The Secrets to Creative Imagination and Effective Thinking
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The Secret to Creative Imagination and Effective Thinking

“You’ve got to hang experience on a latticework of models in your head. What are the models? Well, the first rule is that you’ve got to have multiple models — because if you just have one or two that you’re using, the nature of human psychology is such that you’ll torture reality so that it fits your models, or at least you’ll think it does” – Charlie Munger

From birth we are raised to believe that the smartest people get all of the glory and all of the gold.

Good letter grades, pass/fail marks, academic acclaim…all of these are used to praise those who submit to our neuro-centric society.

Still, that doesn’t explain an interesting fact: only 30% of Fortune 500 CEOs have a bachelor’s degree.

Why do people who never went to college have PhD’s and people with elite Masters’ degree distinctions working for them?

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5 Important Lessons from Ray Dalio's Life Principles
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5 Important Takeaways From Ray Dalio’s Life Principles

Every once in a while, there’s a book that comes along and absolutely short-circuits the chain between knowledge and experience.

Ray Dalio’s Principles: Life and Work is that book.

In a hefty 500+ page tome, the second richest hedge fund manager in America and the founder of Bridgewater Associates shares the key principles that allowed a middle class kid from Long Island to become one of the world’s most influential people.

There are lessons in the book, that if taken to heart, can change your view of and how you operate in the world.

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