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The WHY.

Sim Campbell

Throughout my life, I always found myself asking certain questions revolving around human nature.

I wondered why some people were more productive than others.

I wondered why some people seemed to “have all the fun”.

I wondered why some people just lived a better life than their counterparts.

I wondered why we even cared at all, considering our time on this planet is so short.

After a series of existential crises, I carried these questions and inquiries into my young adult life. These then became a central question of: “how should a young man live to maximize his success in the world?

The best way answer(s) to that question  is weaving together a framework based around teachings from the past with what we know about human psychology in the present.

As such, I’ve taken inspiration from many authors and historical figures and fused them with contemporary knowledge applicable to modern day life as a young man.


After deeper exploration, I’ve found that there are four key elements to living an expansive life as a young person:

As a result, this is what Unstoppable Rise focuses on. Crafting the internal aspect of life in order to explode outwards and flourish.

I don’t know everything nor do I pretend to.

I don’t write in a politically correct manner, nor do I mince words.

If you don’t like that, then Unstoppable Rise is not for you.

But if you’re looking to gain some insights and frameworks to graft onto your life philosophy, then my writing is for you.

If you want to know more about the philosophy behind Unstoppable Rise, check out this post. It’s the best collection of articles from 2015-2016. These are the pillars of the entire site:

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To your success,

Sim Campbell