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Seven Deadly Sins That Annihilate Your Attention, Personal Power, and Happiness
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7 Deadly Sins That Annihilate Your Attention, Personal Power, and Ultimately Your Happiness

Only 31% of Americans characterize themselves as “happy”.

For the most prosperous nation on earth with rising quality of living indexes across the board, that’s a piss poor rating. Why the fuck isn’t everyone happy?

Here’s why: happiness goes where attention flows.

The quality of your attention will determine the joy you get out of life. Period.

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Twenty Quotes That'll Help You Live an Expansive Life
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Twenty Quotes That’ll Inspire You To Live an Expansive Life

There’s a lot of people today that disregard the “old ways” and see them as obsolete, outdated, and unnecessary.

I believe this is a very sad and very unfortunate way to view the past.

There’s a lot of wisdom and solid thought what was done and said in years past.

Yes, we have made significant sociological, societal, and technological process in recent years.

Yes, we live in a time of more prosperity and abundance than any time ever in human history.

Yes, the barriers to success and achievement are farrrr lower than ever before.


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The Powerful Sword of Autosuggestion: What it is and how to use it
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The Powerful Sword of Autosuggestion (What It Is and How To Use It)

I’ll never forget an event that happened at my freshman orientation for college.

It was crazy.

A man randomly selected a group of 6 people and made them sit in chairs at the front of the room.

He approached them and began to “cast a spell”, one by one. One of these people was in my freshman orientation group. He was a somewhat “inhibited” person from what I could then tell.

He then began to act not so inhibited. He did some things that I believed to be “out of character for him”.

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How To Burn Bridges with the Power of Forgiveness
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How To Burn Bridges With The Matches of Forgiveness

The past is like the “adult” version of a teddy bear.

It gives us comfort. It allows us to remember past victories and bask in the warm remembrance of accomplishment. It gives us that fuzzy feeling of nostalgia. It allows us to keep an identity, one that the ego won’t easily let go of.

Oftentimes, this identity holds us back from progressing into a brighter future. If we do progress, we end up carrying a ton of dead-weight with us, slowing down our progress. Maxwell Maltz calls this the self image. Without a change in our self image, no lasting change on the outside is possible.

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