Reading Comprehension Strategies
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Reading Comprehension Strategies: How to Become a Stronger Reader

Have you ever read a book and forgotten about it or its contents within a couple of days, weeks, or months?

Of course you have. Everyone has. The real question to ask is: why does this happen?

It happens because most of us don’t use effective reading strategies.

This article will show you the best reading strategies to use so you can improve your reading comprehension, read more effectively, and become a stronger reader.

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Sustained Attention
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Sustained Attention: Methods to Cultivating This Crucial Mind Hack

If there’s one skill that will help you accomplish goals, check off to-do lists, and persevere past failure & disappointment, it’s the use of sustained attention and sustained focus.

When you cultivate sustained attention, you get more done in a quicker fashion and with less “friction”.

Now, you’re going to learn what sustained attention is… and how to get it.

But first, why I felt this was important to write.

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25 Books to Read in Your 20s
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25 Superior Self-Development Books To Read In Your 20s

The 20-something years are by their very definition – unstable.

You spend days of dread at a job that you’re just working to “pay the bills”. You spend nights awake, tossing and turning in terror and panic with the incessant thoughts of:

“Will it all pan out?”

I get it. I’ve felt this way before and many people before us did as well.

But here’s the deal:

Many of the people you look up to? They heavily relied on outside advice to help them navigate this treacherous sink or swim portion of life.

Some people have them in the form of mentors. But what if you can’t get a mentor? What then?

There’s a way you can tap into some form of external knowledge, into some of the greatest minds of all time living and dead.

The solution?

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Some Humble Advice from One Young Man to Another
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Some Humble Advice from One Young Man to Another

Thoughts about this topic have percolated in my mind for years.

I could talk for hours on this subject, but I’m just gonna keep it somewhat brief.

All of this is my view on things – based on what I’ve experienced in my own life and observing the lives others.

All of this has real world application.

These echo my article 24 Reflections and Lessons Learned at 24 Years of Age. Consider it an “updated version”.

This is what I’d tell my past self if I had the honor of meeting him.

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5 Negative Attitudes That Ruin Your Chances For A Happy Life
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5 Negative Personality Traits That Keep You From Greatness

We all know a person that has negative personality traits.

Most people want to stay far, far way from them.

These people make it their absolute duty to be as miserable as possible and drag others down with them.

You see, negativity and sadness is easy. Anyone can become that way. It’s like gravity.

What’s harder is avoiding negative personality traits and negative attitudes. But you can’t avoid them if you don’t know what to look for.

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