Unstoppable Rise Best Articles from Year One
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Unstoppable Rise – Best Articles from Year One

In late 2015, I created Unstoppable Rise with one overarching goal: help young men achieve lasting happiness and earth-shattering achievement based on time tested and proven principles .

I think I’ve been pretty successful on this front, due to research to see what titillates you guys and feedback from my beloved subscribers.

In 2017, I plan on expanding Unstoppable Rise even more and tackling even more ambitious topics and projects.

In the meantime though, let’s keep our attention on the present as we reflect on the past (interesting train of thought there, huh?).

These are my handpicked suggestions for the BEST articles I’ve published this year on Unstoppable Rise.

If you want to discover my personal creme de la creme, here they are.


Some Humble Advice From One Young Man to Another

Some Humble Advice from One Young Man to Another

This is easily the most important post I’ve written on Unstoppable Rise. It contains my views on a lot of different subjects from 24 to 25 years of living.

Note it says from “one young man to another”. This is in the context of advice I’d give my 18-20 year old self if I were to meet with him in the present day. I don’t claim to know everything, but I have experienced a bit to know some sense.


The Real Reason Your Neighbor Is Killing It…And You’re Not.

Why Your Neighbor Is Killing It and You Aren't

Interesting proposition, no?

And no… it’s not a question of “natural” talent or drive or whatever else he has…. Read on to find out the answer if you haven’t already.


These 12 Self-Limiting Beliefs Hold You Back. Here’s the Remedy

12 Self-Limiting Beliefs That Hold You Back

A follow-up from my post on Autosuggestion and your belief system, this is a more in-depth look beliefs that afflict people and hinder their potential. You might suffer from some of these…


Deep Work and Mastery: Two Essential Elements to Career Fulfillment

Deep Work and Mastery

Work sounds like such a boooooooooring topic…. but the fact of the matter is… we spend 1/3 of our lives at work. So you better make sure it’s DAMN good.

One way to do that is to work in an positive environment. The other is to cultivate mastery and engage yourself in your work.

This article talks about why these two are the only ways to that true career freedom that everyone craves.


25 Superior Self-Development Books to Read in Your 20s

25 Books to Read in Your 20s

Easily the most popular article of 2016, this goes into depth about 25 books that will help you make sense of the obscurity of the 20-something years.

These books are not a “cure all”. If you do nothing with these books, you will not gain from them.

If you want some tools to add to the arsenal, give some of the books on this list a whirl.


Incremental Change: Living Life with a Slight Edge

Incremental Change: Living Life with a Slight Edge

The foundation of many topics on Unstoppable Rise and the entire philosophy of the site in general.

Main idea? Little things add up to a gigantic thing in the long run. Don’t know what that means? Read on and find out!

If you want further clarification of this idea, check out my article on the Wealthy Gorilla about the same concept.

Start With Why: (Re)Discover Your Primal Inclinations

Start With Why: ReDiscovering Your Primal Inclinations

Inside every person is a MASSIVE well of potential waiting to be mined. How far does it go? Deeper than you think.

But you have to figure out your “why”. This “why” will be at the center of everything you do and it will serve as your guiding compass when the seas get stormy and life starts throwing you curveballs.

If you want to learn how to figure this out, read this article.

That about wraps it up. I truly wish you a great and prosperous 2017 and the achievement of your highest aims.

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