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Three Hidden Factors that Prevent You From Breaking Bad Habits
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Three Hidden Factors Preventing You From Breaking Bad Habits (and How to Overcome Them)

Breaking bad habits isn’t easy to do…but why?

I remember when I first started doing self-development, I felt pulled like a magnet – towards the path of least resistance. This was especially exaggerated when I was doing something that I found slightly beyond my comfort zone.

As you can imagine, this cycle is incredibly frustrating. I can wager that you’ve gone through this cycle of agony and despair many times, leading you to believe that breaking bad habits is impossible.

Turns out, it’s not entirely your fault. There are subtle and sly forces in our environment that prevent us from breaking bad habits and quitting them for good.

I’ve highlighted them in this article.

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Becoming a Creative Force Through Daily Rituals and Creative Confidence
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How “Ordinary” People Can Become Creative Gods Through Daily Rituals

A solid routine fosters a well-worn groove for one’s mental energies and helps stave off the tyranny of moods. – Mason Currey

Our world is crying out for creative solutions to everyday problems.

The workplace and the home are two places we spend the most time…but these are two places where we feel creativity is “out of place”.

Why would this be?

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Seven Deadly Sins That Annihilate Your Attention, Personal Power, and Happiness
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7 Deadly Sins That Annihilate Your Attention, Personal Power, and Ultimately Your Happiness

Only 31% of Americans characterize themselves as “happy”.

For the most prosperous nation on earth with rising quality of living indexes across the board, that’s a piss poor rating. Why the fuck isn’t everyone happy?

Here’s why: happiness goes where attention flows.

The quality of your attention will determine the joy you get out of life. Period.

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Why Your Neighbor Is Killing It and You Aren't
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The Real Reason Why Your Neighbor Is Killing It and You Aren’t

Check this.

Your neighbor lives in a great house. He has an awesome significant other. He takes amazing vacations. He has all the (outward) trappings of a killer life.

Shit. He’s more jacked than you.

He regularly exercises.

He blazes through a metric ton of books.

He even has a better golf swing!

What the hell is going on? Why is he better at you in almost every conceivable way? He doesn’t seem to have one flaw!

You can’t find the reason for his success. You’ve known him for years. He comes from an “average” household. He had an “average” life. He even went to an “average” school.

What???? What’s the difference? You go mad trying to figure it out.

This guy is purely a character I pulled out of my ass, but the reality isn’t that far off.

Most of us know “that guy” who seems to have a kind of Midas Touch, making things he comes into contact with turn to gold. What’s his secret?

Luckily, you don’t have to go far to find the answer. It’s a lot closer than you think. So close that, frankly…it IS what you think with.

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Death Ground Strategy: What It Is and Why You Need to Know
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The Death Ground Strategy: What It Is and Why You Should Know

There’s a lot of myths circulating around in society.

One of them is the myth about “Bigfoot” (he might be real, ya never know!).

Another myth is the infamous “Harvard goal study”.

(The above is a slightly shameless plug for my recent post on the best way to set goals *wink wink*)

But you know the most deadly myth of them all?

“You’re young, don’t worry. You have a lot of time.”

I’ve been told this tooooo many times to count and I’m sure you have too.

I wanna spill the beans on something real quick before we go on, though….

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The Indisputable Way To Set and Achieve Goals
Get Confident, Get Disciplined, Get Productive
The Indisputable Way to Achieve Goals, Using Psycho-Cybernetics

“Man is by nature a goal striving being…he is not happy unless he is functioning as he was made to function – as a goal striver.” – Maxwell Maltz, Psycho-Cybernetics

We human beings are easily one of the most incredible pieces of creation on this great, green Earth.

We have the ability to grasp objects with our hands and use them how we see fit.

We have the ability to contemplate our existence on this planet and in the larger universe.

We have the ability to strengthen ourselves and engage in self-improvement to assist our evolution.

Most importantly of all, we have the ability to project to the future and shape it to our choosing.

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